Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Day in Town

On Tuesday I spent my day with a friend visiting Bayou Bend, Ima Hogg's beautiful home on Memorial Drive.  Contrary to belief, Ima Hogg never had a sister named Ura, she only had three brothers.  With normal names like William, Michael, and Thomas.

I was surprised to find that the home housed different periods of antiques in the rooms instead of the belongings of The Hogg family.  I would have preferred to view the home as she lived in it and not all the period antiques.  I know that when I visited Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, IL. It was kept just as he lived in it.  The difference being one is a President and the other the First Woman of Texas.

Before Diane and I visited Bayou Bend we had lunch at Barnaby's Cafe . Great food and atmosphere.  Well worth the drive and located less than 2 miles from the museum.  

I love living in the 'burbs, seeing kids riding their bikes to school, the home town parades in the subdivision, swim team weekends, etc.  And not having to deal with the constant traffic if you live in town.  The downside is that all the best restaurants, boutiques and museums are in town.  So many pros and cons when it comes to Houston and it's surroundings.  

Good thing I have a car and friends to share the city life from time to time!