Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Commercial

I always enjoyed a good commercial.  Growing up in an age where there was no such thing as a remote control, fast forward, or DVRs, we sat through commercials.  How else would we know what we wanted for Christmas or what the latest sugary cereal was available to us.  The cookie one was very popular in our house until we tasted it and realized it did not taste anything like what we imagined.

Recently there is a commercial that just makes me giggle like a little girl.  John just looks at me and doesn't really understand my fascination with it.  It's the Volkswagon commercial.  I've tried to locate the commercial to link it to this site however, it's not on Youtube yet.  The commercial features a young couple bringing home a baby from the hospital and upon the dad pulling away from the curb he nearly hits another car, the baby then has a flashback moment showing his brief life flashing before his eyes (basically him being carried into the car).  The baby's expression is priceless.  

I remember having this doll!! What were some of your favorite toys??