Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Working on her JRP
For the past two weekends we have been traveling to Dallas to see and spend time with our baby.  Our 17 year old baby.  The last of the breed, the end of the line, the last one standing.  Our baby.  She had a 10 page Junior Research Paper due on Monday and instead of helping on Skype we decided to drive down and spend the weekend with her.    

We also went to Aww Shucks with her friend Devon that weekend for some delicious crawfish  $8.99 per lb, Crazy!! I know.  I remember when we could pay $1.25 a lb.  

The size of those crawfish were much bigger than Houston's.  

We flew back to Dallas this past weekend for more Crawfish and to view Shelby's play Almost, Maine.  It was her opening weekend and she was the stage manager for the play.  Anyone who knows Shelby will describe her as willful, confident, thoughtful, and in every way a leader.  She was made to run things.  The play was a huge success and it was a treat to see her take a bow with the actors at the end.  

I made the crew of the play some S'Mores brownies.  Here is a picture of them and the recipe.
Do not add the extra egg for a "cake like" brownie it just makes the graham crackers float to the top.

At Nate's eating crawfish, again!

On Saturday we flew into Sulpher Springs to have lunch at the Red Barn Cafe.  Shelby's friend Ashley got to fly the plane. We were at 3,500 feet and it was a 30 minute flight.  She did great!

Shelby was just kicking back and relaxing since she knew she would be flying on the return portion.

Just look at that grin!!! Someone was having fun.

Sunday morning we met some friends for brunch at Cafe Brazil.  The food was great and I loved the bottomless coffee, since they had about 8 different flavors.  Shelby's friend Breanna joined us for the brunch.

With all the eating out the past two weekends, I can see how I gained an extra pound.  I really need to start watching my calorie intake.  So hard to make the right choices!

Happy February you all!!

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