Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2012

How exciting it has been the last few days of 2012 here.  We moved Emilio into his new apartment on the 28th. Mostly boxes since he sold his bed and desk prior to moving down to Houston.  He has been shopping on wayfair.com and overstock.com looking for bargains on furniture. Tomorrow he should expect his entertainment center and his new bed.  

My lovely son gave us the speech on how he has responsibilities and we cannot expect him to be at our home everyday now that he is so close by.  So far we have seen him 4 days out of 5, mostly around meal times.  He even left a note one night, how he didn't want to impose on us.  We made sure he knew there was no such imposition.  It's nice having him home and I think he realizes how much he has missed us as well.  With the perk of when he tires of us, he can go to his room, his own room, in his own apartment. 

Aside from "The Move" we have had our neighbors over almost every night this past week playing Smart Ass, Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, and Name 5 Things.  We had four 17 year olds and then 4 boys ranging in age from 9 to 13.  Laughter, giggles, and heavy duty snacking throughout the game!

Shelby had friends from Dallas drive down for the New year and we were lucky to have one of the girls' mom and happy to say a friend of ours come down with them.  Ferne was so much fun and help with the NYE party and playing games!

Devon, Breanna, Shelby, and Ashley :)

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