Monday, January 21, 2013

High School Friends

When I attended high school it was only for half a day.  I was in the DECA program (which I can't tell you what it stands for anymore) and was employed at a bank for the rest of the day.  During my senior year I held two jobs, the one at UnitedBank and a store in the Galleria, so that I could afford the dress for prom (pictured above).

The point I'm trying to make is that I really didn't get to enjoy a full day of school and all the fun that goes along with it.  Friday night football games (I attended a handful), homecoming (went once), or all the parties planned at the last minute during the last period of class.  Regardless of all this, I walked away with some pretty nice friendships that developed after the college years.

Amanda, Richard, Renata, Tommy
 The blonde guy (Tommy) in the picture is my best friend from high school.  Tommy and Gracie have been through thick and thin with me. Tommy & Gracie are the guys I see with us for a life time.

Laura, Lisa & Kim
On Friday we celebrated Laura's birthday at Spanish Flower and Kim, Richard, Tommy, and so many other people from high school were there.  It was so nice to see them again. Thanks  to Laura for making more memories of high school friends even after over 30 years.

It's fun to see these pictures from so long ago.  It really makes me appreciate knowing them.

Pictures from our 20 year reunion in 2005.

Tommy & I

25 year reunion
Tommy, Me, Shane, Laura, & Deidra

Even though I don't see these friends from the past but a few times a year, they forever will be in my heart.  I look forward to our next get together.  Perhaps pool side listening to Oingo Boingo, Madonna, and Billy Squier.

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