Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Apartment

My first home was this 1968 doll house, which apparently cost a pretty penny since I could not afford any clothes.  As is evident from this picture.  Our son is much more fortunate with his first new apartment.  He had us over for dinner last night, mind you the dinner was provided by us but we did raid his wine cabinet and made ourselves at home until he arrived from work.

Chinese take out from our favorite chinese restaurant Oriental Garden.  They have the best wonton soup there.

Emilio's complete living room.....tada!  He still needs a few wall hangings and a side table but all in all this is all the kid needs.

Our first movie night and dinner at Emilio's, breaking in the couch. John left oatmeal cookie crumbs in his area, so he did his part.

 I was there that morning to greet the movers since Emilio had to work.  Sometimes I feel I need to charge for my services.

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