Friday, December 14, 2012

Life or The Holiday Blues

What a heck of a week!  I know I shouldn't complain but everyone has those kind of days that you feel you are being tested by a higher power.  Many times I fail that test.  One thing I have learned about me is that my first reaction to something that I cannot control or fix is the worst one....anger.  I get angry, then I deflect blame and then I calm down.  After over 45 years of this horrible cycle, and perhaps maybe 5 years of awareness, it's time to just stop.  

I know that many of you think I live a close to perfect life. For the most part, I am very blessed with family, friends, and prosperity. Which leads me to Facebook.  FB is full of happy go lucky people and to some viewing the postings is difficult.  For those thinking life is always roses and no thorns, I have news for you.....EVERYONE has rough days.  Days we feel beat up, days we feel sad, days we doubt our faith.  Facebook is not a medium to post life's tribulations.  It should inspire.  When you have so many people posting and spreading their words, you should want to inspire, make someone laugh or simply let them know you are there fighting the good battle with an uplifting comment.  

An old HS friend of mine, Shane is my favorite FB friend.  He makes me laugh every day. Laura, another HS friend teaches me to appreciate every minute of every day with her poster letterhead quotes.  
For this reason and because I can see what my kiddos are up to, I enjoy Facebook.

Those are the test we either pass or fail.  The good news is that we get to do-overs all the time, in fact every day we can choose how we can handle things differently.  I hope you realize that.  Another positive note is that no one is ever alone.  You simply have to reach out and throw a life line and someone will grab it and hold strong.  I have had many friends who have surprised me by just knowing what to say to me during my rough moments.  My closest friend and the one who has fought my battles along side me and never once ran away is my beautiful husband.  The other side of the coin is that he definitely knows which buttons to push.  But then again so do I.  

I'm writing this now because I will be posting some great things in my life going on.  A few trips a birthday, and the upcoming holidays.  Reality is while all that is going on it is peppered with stress, health issues, family disagreements, and constant worry.

Don't be afraid to embrace it all and learn your lessons.

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