Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Neverending Birthday Part One

I turned 46 a few days ago.  A number that isn't significant by any standards, monumental by any means, nor impressive in the least of impressions.

However, that did not stop 4 days of non stop celebrations.  It started  with a very romantic dinner and stay at The Inn at Dos Brisas.

Friday night we dined in house at the Forbe's 5 star rated restaurant.  The only one in Texas.  There are only 20 restaurants in the nation with this rating.  Some of criteria for the rating, we were told was, size of the ice cubes, every room must have a live plant, etc.  There definitely an attention to detail involved.

 Our table was fireside and that was our view as we dined on a five course meal.  Everything was exceptional.  The only thing I did not enjoy was the venison medallions.  They were brined and tasted too salty for me.

 Scallop Ceviche (First Course)

 Venison Medallions

My birthday dessert which my lovely husband felt could defy gravity.  Epic fail.

Despite the rain and the cloudy conditions we had a great stay.  It felt more like honeymoon than a birthday and I will take that feeling over a birthday any day of the week. Especially since we have been together for 18 years.

 The living room of our Hacienda
 The fireplace in the bedroom

 John had them place rose petals on the bed (his side of course!)

 Great chair except for the bird poop!
 Our neighbor.
We had our own private pool that heated up to 120 degrees.  Our friends Bob and Wendy joined us on Saturday for pizza, wine and birthday cake.  Wendy brought the cake, champagne and candles.

It was a fun Saturday!

Aside from the surroundings each Hacienda has their own golf cart with all terrain tires.  We followed dear throughout the 300 acres, did an hour of skeet shooting and toured their green house.

If you ever get the opportunity to go I recommend the spice pear cocktail and the Sunday Brunch at $75 per person. It's a three course meal.  Their bloody mary's are made with pepper infused vodka made in house.

John and I plan on doing the mixology class with Joel on our next visit.  I'm hoping this becomes a yearly event!

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