Friday, December 21, 2012

Neverending Birthday Part 2

My wonderful neighbor Amythyst through together a birthday dinner for me at Brio's in the Woodlands on Sunday.  As everyone knows December is the most hectic, surreal, stressful month of the year.  And aside from all that and health issues of her sweet husband she still managed to do this great evening for me.

Words cannot express how endeared I felt and how much it meant to me to have such amazing friends and neighbors.

Thank you again everyone for a fun night full of laughs, gifts, and friendship!!

On Tuesday:
My friend Paige's husband could not attend since he was having to work at the hospital, so in the true spirit of our neighborhood, we naturally had to do another dinner.  Makes perfect sense?  So Sam, Melissa, John and I joined Paige and Jimmy at America's in the Woodlands. 
Before you feel all jealous of the multi-celebrations you should also know that aside from the lovely Birthday gifts I also received at least 5 pounds of body fat!

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