Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Birthday Weekend

In a few weeks, John and I will spend a much needed weekend at The Inn at Dos Brisas.  Ladies,  you too can wrangle your guy to take you here, just mention the activities such as, skeet shooting, horseback riding, cycling, or just running around in the golf cart.

The farm to table restaurant is another selling point.  I will let you know how it went when I return.

It was featured in November's Texas Monthly.

Meanwhile, I'm off with a girlfriend to Puerto Rico for some girl time and to follow my doctors instructions of soaking in some sun to help with my Vitamin D deficiency.  :)

Thanks Paige for making all the arrangements, I am looking forward to some quiet time and pillow fights in our pajamas.  (Did i forget to mention that is John's only request in order for me to go?)  Like I tell him every year, in your dreams!!!

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