Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's Up Doc?

ROT Rally 2010
Austin, TX

Christopher "Doc" Lloyd and me

The first year Shelby went away to school, it felt like we were two kids left home alone for the first time.  John ran around in his underwear until it was time for work. (He so going to be mad at me for posting this but I think it's just so darn funny! ) and I , well I can't think of anything I did differently except made more time for me.

One of the things John and I decided to do,  being early empty nesters was to be more considerate of each other and do things we both enjoy.  There are very few things we both enjoy together and we have had to compromise quiet a bit to figure things out.  One thing we knew for certain was that we wanted to grow old together and not grow apart.

These is where the motorcycle rally in Austin Texas comes in.  We traveled with another fun couple for the Republic of Texas Motorcycle rally.  Concerts, beautiful bikes, and people from all walks of life.....
including Christopher Lloyd.

My Christopher Lloyd Story
I forgot to bring a belt and the jeans I was wearing kept showing my backside in the most unpleasant matter so I walked across the street to this really cool music store that sold all sorts of merchandise.  I made my purchase (a Ramones Belt) and headed across the street back to the hotel. Why I brought my camera, I have no idea, but am so glad I did.  Because who did I share an elevator with?? That's right a very intoxicated can't find my room sort of way actor.  He knew it was the 8th floor but that was as far as he could remember.  So what does a sci fi fan who grew up watching Back to the Future do....I find the closest person and tell them to take a picture of us.   I think the hotel manager was sent to look for him because we came across the manager and his assistant in the hallway of his floor.

The other thing I remember from this road trip was that my lovely husband wanted to take backroads to Austin, because Highway 290 was not "back" enough. Typically, it will take 3 hours to drive to Austin from Spring but this time it took 5 hours using dirt roads and unmapped highways.  It was fun and hopeless all at the same time.  But we did finally make it to Austin.  Our butts where extremely sore from being on that bike for so long!

All in all it was a very exciting trip for us and we loved our adventure full of pie at Royer's Round Top Cafe, the celebrity at Hotel Driskill and the custom bikes on 6th street.

Oh, and Hotel Driskill has a haunted floor!! You can read about it here.

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