Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

This coming month many people associate it with family, friends, gifts and so many up lifting things.  But what we forget is that it is also a time when many people slump into depression, desperation and hopelessness.  Reach outside yourself and really see the people around you.  You just never know what your neighbors are going through.

Some are experiencing a holiday without a loved one this year for the first time, some have been told it will be their last Christmas, and others just feel that way.  We know someone in each category this year and my heart hurts for them.  

This reminds me that we all have something to be grateful for in this life regardless of how small it may be.  Let's pray for those who forgot why they should be grateful, pray for those in hospitals, and pray for those battling their demons of self doubt and sadness.  

Recently, there was an woman on the news who was not advised her father had died 30 days prior.  She was upset over the fact she wasn't made aware.  I'm thinking to myself, how can you go 30 days without visiting or calling.  Imagine how upset and lonely her father was those last days of his life.  I would have felt shameful. I'm thinking they had some type of relationship since she was so appalled of not knowing of his demise so I don't understand how she just forgot about it him for a month. 

At times, I feel like I am a very selfish and self centered person,  especially with my time.    I ask God to give me more compassion, understanding and tolerance.  He gave me friends who put up with me instead.  That just proves God is a parent, He lays on a guilt trip by showing you how caring, giving, and compassionate your good friends are.  But it also makes me aim higher. 

I leave you with this thought...... many times we are someone's blessing. Whether it's because you smiled at them, or let them in your lane during rush hour, or simply asked about their day in a sincere manner.

Merry Christmas y'all!

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