Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday

Emilio has a love of music, classical, rock, irish, hip hop, symphonic, etc.  I loved being at home and all of a sudden hear the most beautiful music coming from his room.

He played in several different venues while in Texas and one in North Carolina.

Good friends of ours flew Emilio down to play at their block party in Wake Forest.  He had the best time.  Parker and Michael were the best to have him up there.

We went to several school recitals and holiday shows featuring Emilio's violin.  At one show he told me he will be doing a solo and I automatically assumed it was a violin solo.  That kid surprised all of us with vocal solo from Phantom of the Opera.  It was incredible.  NO one knew he could sing like that.

Emilio, during the summer would play at Mucky Duck on Wednesdays at their Irish Jam Sessions.  He was the youngest one up there for a few years.

He was such a regular that for his 16th birthday we gathered a crowd of friends and celebrated at the Mucky Duck.

His summer job in high school was working at Potbelly's in the woodlands.  We loved going to have lunch and listen to him play.

He also did a CD signing and concerts with Harwin at Memorial City Mall.

My favorite moment of Emilio's "fame" was a radio interview of him and his bandmates in Boston.
Trying to post the audio file but still having figured it out.  Maybe tomorrow!

Still trying to figure out how to post my videos and audios.

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