Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gold Award Ceremony

Shelby was born a Shelby.  She was named Shelby for several reasons, 1) the bad ass Mustang that was produced back in 1965 through 1970, and my favorite american play Steel Magnolias.  Both symbolizing a hard headed, strong female, made of determination, speed and beauty.    What can I say, I love fast cars and a strong Southern woman.

Today we celebrated 12 years in girl scouts, 5 different rankings, and her Gold Award presentation.  This girl endured it all and then some, having  a mom that was at every single meeting,   almost every field trip, camp out, and outing in school and girl scouts.  Being the daughter of the camp trained parent and/or leader has it's draw backs. Ask any daughter of a leader or teacher!

She is now a member of a select few (6% of all Girl Scouts receive this honor).  She was also chosen to  be on the Girl Scout float at the Thanksgiving parade this coming Thursday in Houston.

I have attached pictures of her ceremony today and it went very smoothly.  I worked all week on this special occasion for her.  Thanks to pinterest I found a great blog site that did a scout inspired bridal shower. I borrowed the color theme and the cake design and made it into a true scouting affair!

I had a girlfriend make the invitation and were mailed out in brown paper bag envelopes.

 My troop performing the Girl Scout Law at the beginning of the ceremony.

 I love Shelby's middle name.  I wish she would go by both names but that boat has since sailed and it's hard for her to change it at this point.  Her middle name comes from a song by The Cure called "Letters to Elise".    I couldn't very well name her Bruce so the next best thing was the Cure.

This cake was made by Lollydoozer, and it was absolutely divine!  Shelby picked German Chocolate for the bottom. I love cake so I had to add my two cents and did mandarin orange for the top tier.  Double yum!

The end of one era is near.  Time to exit stage left and take your last bow as a girl scout and take the reins of a scout advisor or mentor, for you Shelby have so much to offer this world.

I hope in the years to come when she thinks back on this day, she will know how much she is loved.  We had so many beautiful people come to her event. At least 30, give or take a few no shows. We are very fortunate for the love and friendship shown to Shelby on this day.

Thank you to all those who came and made this memorable.

Burlap tablecloth to give it a rustic campy feeling.

I made this backdrop with Gold tones and the girl scout trefoil.  It now hangs above her bed.

As a party favor to her troop, I made canteens with a chevron pattern and a lace strap.

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