Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crafting gone Crazy

A good friend of mine is hosting a huge Halloween party at her home tonight.  She has over 90 guest planning to attend.  Because of Pinterest and my ability with a hot glue gun I set to work on these really cute costume contest trophies for her. You can check them out on this blog here.

I had the misfortune of not finding the three dimensional skeletons (I went to 4 different dollar stores)  so I had to do with the 2 dimensional ones and use some creativity in making them stay upright.

I'm not crazy about my belt buckle but I think at this point, I was tired.

Tell me what you think.  I wish I could have posed them but that would have required cutting them up and was too worried that it would look awful.  Also, I was able to get 4 skeletons in a package for a $1.  I think the entire project cost me $20.00

I have a craft room full of paper and ribbons from our early days in Girl Scouts, being a Room Mom and PTO.  Nice to see I still have use for some of that crap....I mean crafts.

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