Sunday, November 4, 2012

Costume Crisis

I always wanted to be a little devil.  Okay that's not true. Here is the real story behind my costume this year.

Originally, this dress was to be worn for Fogerty's Red Night in Key West but had to wear a costume that night instead.  So I thought  that I would accessorize it and wear it as a costume to a Halloween party a friend had this past Saturday.  

The second part of the story is the fact my weight is slowly creeping back and the original costume I ordered online did not fit me.  (always read the fine print a Medium = size 2 thru 8) in what world is a size 2 the same as an 8?!?!?!?

I  think the whip/pitch fork accessory really made the outfit.  Actually it made it difficult to balance my drink, the camera and the whip.  I kept taking pictures with my drink, sipping my camera and dropping the whip. It was a very confusing night.

I was going as a shot girl, and I realized two things... 1) my boobs will not look like the picture  2) the whole outfit's cuteness comes from the size of the boobs.  I won't even comment on the racially insensitive message it sends to my people. Whoever those people are.  But I am sure they would be offended, probably from the lack of boobage.
But the good news, is that the sombrero will be used as a chip bowl at my next family gathering.  The bandeliers, not too sure about their use. More on those later.