Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday & Weekend Happenings

November 2012

John's weekend was special since Emilio was able to fly down for it.  John was just in hog heaven with both his kids home.  Here is what went on this weekend.

Friday:     John flew home from Dallas having stayed there all week with Shelby.  We are very blessed that he was able to work from the hotel room and also be there for our youngest.  I was able to sneak off and do the Nutcracker Market with a neighbor/friend.  I spent all day shopping and my feet were killing me.  John and Shelby arrived home before me and had pizza delivered for dinner.  (I know I won't be winning mother or wife of the year again)  But I did come home with some marshmallow guns that both John and Shelby loved.

Saturday:  Emilio flies in and we made reservations at Kata Robota on Kirby and Richmond.  Excellent food.  We had a great time, joking , laughing (mostly at my expense) and just enjoying being together.
If you want to see their  menu at the restaurant, just click on the link.  We all share our meals and the one that John truly enjoyed was the Oxtail Raman Soup.  The broth takes 52 hours to cook and well worth the wait. I have never tasted anything like it.

Update: Forgot to mention that our lovely son made John an Apple Spice cake as his birthday cake.  He used this recipe.
Sunday:  Also known as a whirlwind day because we had my great-nieces birthday party to go to, Adopt a family with NCL and Shelby had to fly back to Dallas.  Which again her dad took her and ended up spending the night since it was late and raining.  No fun flying in the rain.

Here are a few pics of the birthday party:
My pride and joy

The Birthday Girls with Mom and Dad

A happy dad!

the best man ever

The eldest cousins, each one year apart

Monday was John's actual birth day.  We had a few friends over for a list minute dinner party.  I thank God for today's technology that I can get online the same day of his birthday, print out tickets, and wrap them with Texans' jersey and t shirt.  He loved the gift. Even though it was all last minute.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!  Couldn't imagine a life without you and wouldn't want to even try.

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