Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Friend Comes to Visit

The end of the Thanksgiving holidays are at hand.  It was full of birthdays, family, and friends.  Shelby had a friend from boarding stay with us this week.  It's wonderful to see Shelby making such wonderful friends.  Malaika's family lives in Calgary and they celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

Shelby drove down on Friday with her and it has been a fun filled week.

Saturday: Malaika helped Shelby with her Gold Award Ceremony at the house.  She participated in the ceremony and was there to see Shelby get pinned.

Afterwards the girls met up with some of Shelby's girl scout friends and went to the Steam Boat Drive In to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part 2.

On Sunday, we went to the Texans game at Reliant Stadium.  We had the best time except for a really obnoxious twenty-something blonde sitting next to the girls.  We just laughed it off and enjoyed the exciting game.  We had excellent seats and saw everything!

We also picked up a small grill, hot dogs, and tailgated before the game!  First time for me.  Somehow Malaika was in charge of putting the grill together and that did not last long, that sucker was hard to put together! It became a joint effort between, John, Shelby and Malaika.

Monday, Shelby took Malaika to one of her favorite places and they painted some beautiful pottery.  You can find out more about the Potter's Wheel here.
Thursday Morning we all piled into the car at 6:00 am and headed downtown for the Houston Thanksgiving Parade.  They were so cute, taking pictures with Disney star Kenton Duty.

 Shelby rode in the Girl Scout Gold Award float while Malaika was there supporting her the entire time.  What a beautiful gracious young lady she is.  The more time I spent with her the more I didn't want either of them to leave.

Will Bruin and Oscar Boniek Garcia of the Dynamo's
 I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of both the girls here but some of the Dynamo players were here and it was a great photo op.  

Friday we all took a ride for $100 hamburger at the Souther Flying Diner located at the Brenham Municipal Airport.  That's what they call it when you fly in for lunch, because of the cost to get there.  I really don't have a clue how much we spend on fuel nor do I want to know!

Malaika took a brief flight lesson with John at the helm.  She did a great job as a co pilot!

John's Dad spent Friday night with us and joined us for lunch

Girls all enjoyed a shake to go with their meal.  The only one who ordered the burger was Shelby.  Everyone else enjoyed chicken fried chicken, patty melt, and hamburger steak.  Great comfort food!

In between, the girls completed their homework, did a little shopping, and swam in the pool.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and I may have not expressed myself to the girls how wonderful this year was to have one of Shelby's friends here.  It kept me busy and I didn't have time to miss my son at Thanksgiving,

Thanks Malaika's family for sharing!

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