Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie Goldfish

Key West , Florida

I have no idea who those folks are in that picture.  But it sums up what Fantasy Fest is all about in a PG13 sort of way.  First time we went to Key West was in 2008.  John's employers keep their boat docked in Key West and they invite us down for this festival every year in October.  

Do you know that insurance commercial with Mayhem causing mishaps and accidents.  Well, it's like a whole week of those for most of the attendees at FF.  It's a great place to people watch and see the most amazing costumes.  And also to see no costumes, or clothing, or inhibitions.  Not a place I would take my kids to but I would take my mother.  She would have a blast looking at everyone!

So many different costumes.  I guess the best way to describe it is Halloween for adults on Pixy sticks. Lots and lots of Pixy sticks.

One of my favorite stories was told to me on the day we were leaving Key West and we are sitting around this bar at about 9:00 am having a Key Lime Martini.  Everyone is very friendly and we started talking to the guy next to us.  He said that he just saw a naked guy on a moped driving through the streets of downtown KW and it was like the most normal thing to see here.  Cracked me up!

A trip to Key West isn't complete until you visit Mallory Square and Cat Man of Mallory Square.

 A theme at each FF is a must, last year it was something Nautical.  It was also the year two,  yes two people thought I was Snookie.  Time to lose some weight!!

Scary and Slutty at the same time. Which is the ongoing theme for some attendees.

 Our view for the parade on Saturday night.   You see people of all ages and with some amazing floats and costumes.  I will try to get better pictures this year.

 These are shots after the parade and you can see it is wall to wall people.

 This "gentlemen" or as he prefers to be called Geisha got a lot of attention with his costume and make up.  He is probably a brain surgeon, you would be surprised of the occupations of most attendees.
 Pirate theme at FF.  I actually got John to dress up as well.

My most risque outfit, ever!!  It was actually very tastefully done and we received some nice compliments on our matching.

Heading out soon to this years Fantasy Fest and the theme is Apocalyptic Aquatics which makes me think of Zombie gold fish.  I am going as a vampire one night and a peacock the next, if I can fit into them.  This week of having a cold hampered my daily exercise routine.

Cheers and have a great week!