Monday, October 29, 2012

Life on Mars

When we first starting going to Fantasy Fest ,we had no idea that this would turn into a yearly event for us.  And every year it just gets stranger and stranger.  It's definitely an adult Halloween party that last about 10 days and after a few days you wonder if anyone there is  from Earth.

These folks just got in from the farm along with their own "Mad" cow.

Friday nights costume was a toga.  I probably could have used a slip but did not pack one and this costume was a last minute one, bought at Fairvilla.  A huge store that probably makes all their money this month right down the street from the pier.

You probably are asking why I'm the only one in costume while John gets to wear his normal clothes.  It's part of the fun in attending Fantasy Fest, our group of women love the costumes and make up.


 Can't have a parade without beads being thrown.
This is just a glimpse on the craziness that goes in Key West.  They also have a Parrot's head Festival full of Jimmy Buffett fans, then the boat races this week.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures.  I tried to omit any "clothing optional" attendees from the pics.

It really does seem like a totally different world in Key West during Fantasy Fest. 

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