Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday-My Nieces

The holidays are quickly  approaching and this is the time I start thinking of how fast time has flown.  Our holidays were filled with family, toys, games, talent shows, food, etc.  All the typical things found around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have 6 nieces and I hope that I am not leaving anyone out and 3 nephews. For some reason I could not imagine them any older than seen above.  Now they are beautiful young ladies who are in high school, middle school or since graduated.

Look how beautiful they have grown.  Below is a picture of Alisha who was the one sitting on the right in the top picture.  I love her hair in this picture!

Here is a picture of all the nieces and nephews including my two.  Boy, has our family grown.  
All the cousins!

 Erika is the youngest of the girls born on September 11, 2002.  Love that face!!

My oldest niece made me a Great-Aunt a couple of years back and they are the most beautiful girls you will ever meet.  (What else can a Great-Aunt say?)

I look forward to seeing this young ladies and men again and hope they treat us old folks to the talent shows they used to do when they were younger!

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