Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flashback Friday-Bruce Campbell

Me and Bruce Campbell :)

I grew up with two brothers and a mom who loved scary movies.  SO much so that at age 10 she took us to the drive in theater to see the Exorcist.  Yes, you read it right.  The Exorcist.

I was fascinated by the scary movie and had no nightmares or traumatic affects from it.  But I am sure that you could find someone that would argue that point.

It is no wonder that when October comes around my television is on 24/7.  Well, almost.  You see, the scary movies are aired during this month on various channels.  Rosemary's baby, The Omen, Jeepers Creepers, Silent Hill, etc.  I do have to admit, my favorite ones are the comical scary ones like Evil Dead (hence the picture of me and Bruce Campbell) and mostly the Abbott and Costello movies.

I am a big fan of Bruce Campbell and have met him twice at book signings (yes, I read too.)  He has made some really good B rated sci -fi movies that I highly recommend for example "Bubba Hotep" and "The Man with the Screaming Brain".  Okay on the last one, I did only see half of it, it was so damn cheesy!

Now that I am strolling down memory lane other movies come to mind. Especially those Saturdays, when my mom would send us to see a movie that was playing across the street from her photography studio (cheaper than a babysitter) and those Saturdays were full of Bruce Lee movies and Godzilla movies.  For many years I thought Asians spoke like them... you know, mouths moving faster than the words coming out of their mouths.  Who knew?!

I miss the days when my brothers and I would come out of the movie theater, singing "Everyone is Kung Fu Fighting" after seeing "Enter the Dragon" and trying to karate chop each other to death. Not to mention the nun-chucks, my older brother, Marco had as a kid, which I secretly would borrow and give myself some painful bruises on my forearm.

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