Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Appetizer Recipes from my Spooky Gals Night Out

I hosted a Gals Night out for friends and neighbors last night and here are the recipes to some of what we had. 

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds were easy and can be done a day in advance.  I did use the reviews recommendations and used thick bacon and baked them at 400 for 25 minutes.

Another huge hit at the party was the Blue Cheese-Bacon Dip and I made this in the morning and just placed the ramekins in the oven 25 minutes before the party.

My good friend and neighbor, Paige, made Apple-tini's for the girls.  They were delicious!

The next recipe is from Southern Living. The Guacamole-Goat Cheese Toasts with diced tomatoes and tomatillos. 
One more thing I made and I prepared this on Thursday and chilled until the party was a Green Goddess Dipping Sauce. I was going to present them in shot glasses but opted to just tray them due to unexpected house guest over the weekend.  (I loved having John's family over.)

I was so busy having fun with all my friends that I did not take any pictures of the ladies who came out.  Luckily, we have Amy in the neighborhood who travels with her Nikon around her neck.  Here are some of her shots of the party.
I love my neighbors!

Diane brought these to share and hand out to our friends, they were a big hit!

Boo Baskets

Diane made me the most beautiful hostess card that it will be displayed year after year.

Paige & Wendy my fun lets go TP a house friends!

me explaining the boo baskets (everyone acts like their paying attention)

Lake ladies (they reside on the lake portion of our neighborhood)

Group shot minus the photographer

Michelle enjoying her Apple-tini

I was so grateful for the handful of friends who would NOT leave until they finished cleaning up.  It was great to wake up to clean dishes and no mess after a party!!!

Enjoy the recipes &  Happy Haunting!