Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Country Wedding

On Saturday, John's mom got hitched!  It was a beautiful family affair out in Sealy, Texas on her oldest son's property.  Trip, John's brother, cleaned out this warehouse, family and friends decorated the "barn" with wedding flowers, plants, an arch and filled it with love from all.

Everyone brought side dishes and the happy couple provided chicken and sausage that the Bride's sons and brothers spent all day Saturday grilling to perfection.  It was a true family affair.
You could feel the love bestowed upon the newlyweds as we all worked to make this a memorable event for them.  The ceremony was touching and loving.

Shelby took over a thousand pictures and played photographer.
I was lucky enough to host John's aunt and uncle from Washington State over the weekend and learned more about his family on his mom's side.  I met cousins I never knew he had and heard wonderful stories.

His uncle Tom also spent Sunday night with us and we all had a memorable time driving to Buccee's Sunday night with appetizers in their laps.  Long story-probably never to follow!

Wonderful new family and an eye opener of how lovely John's family truly is!

Congratulations to Therese and Johnny!!!


Kit Gana said...

great photos!!
Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed.

Vermont Country Wedding

TXMomof2 said...

Thank you Kit!