Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday-Viva Mexico!!


John and I have been blessed with amazing friends.  We have always taken vacations with friends in the past.  A few without, but mostly with other families.  One year, my good friend Helen and Ed invited us to do an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  We had a great time and the kids loved the beach.

It was Shelby's first time to visit Mexico and we stayed at a resort run by Germans, so we were treated to a very international type of vacation. It was so funny, that Shelby thought all of Mexico was like the resort since this was her first experience in that country.  What a lovely way to think that Mexico was nothing but a big giant all inclusive resort!  If there was only such a place!!!

Favorite picture of the guys coming back from checking out stingrays

Helen and her friend, Nikki, who also joined us

The famous sombrero picture (too bad Emilio's eyes were closed)
Emilio's had a great time doing a "intro to scuba diving" with his dad and a few years later we all became scuba certified, that's a different story that I may get to one day.  One of the things I most remember about this vacation with my son is that he would go to the bar every day and order a hot chocolate.  At last count he had 19 hot chocolates or some absurd number.  He would always come back to report to us what number of hot chocolate he was on.  Kid cracked me up!
one of my favorite pictures of us!

Devon and Shelby on the beach (Shelby had lost her bottom tooth)TOO cute!

visiting the ruins in Tulum for the day

Heads will roll!!!

This was one of my favorite times with my friends.  Happy Birthday Helen!!  I look forward to more time with your lovely family.  It's so nice to stroll down memory lane, especially with good friends and a healthy loving family by my side.  :)

Devon is such a cutie!!

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