Monday, August 27, 2012

Junior Year for Shelby

 Shelby is an official Junior in High School !  She started last week and is enjoying her new roommate from Jamaica.  It was much easier to leave her this time compared to last year.  She gets along very well with her roommate and missed the rest of her "sisters" from boarding.  Even though she just left for school last week, she came home for the weekend for her Junior year Fashion show.  Shelby and I belong to this amazing organization that promotes mother and daughter philanthropic endeavors in our community.  It begins in 7th grade and consist of a 6 year plan.  This year was the Fashion Show.   Its amazing to see them develop into beautiful young ladies right before your eyes.

 Pictured with her friend at an outing for the group, back in 7th grade. Below are some fashion show pictures of her on the runway.

Fashion Show Outfit #1 from Francesca's Collection

Formal Wear from Muzzies

The Fashion Show was a huge success.  The girls had a great time and my niece who is a beautician came over Sunday morning to do Shelby's hair and make up.  Shelby never likes to do her hair but she didn't protest too much and she received a lot of compliments.  

Aside from Shelby starting her junior year, her summer was filled with positive, worthwhile activities:
  • 30 hours and counting of community service and volunteering in Spring, Tx.
  • Houston Zoo 110 hours, not including 4 hours a day (roundtrip) driving to the zoo.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award Project 84 hours, she helped build a new park by gathering volunteers to assemble barbecue pits and trash cans.  Then she invited a younger troop for a cook out at the park, crafts, and s'mores.  Can't have girl scouts over without s'mores!
I promise you that I am not one of those moms that pushes their kid (much). This summer was not a typical year due to the GS Gold Award. However, we knew she had to get it done this summer or it would not be included in her high school transcript for college.  Yes, we are already working on that.

All in all, Shelby had a very productive summer.  When other kids are lounging around, her playtime was helping others less fortunate.  I praise and thank God for such a wonderful kid!

It's hard to believe that my little girl is a young woman now,  well almost, we still watch cartoons together and play Apples to Apples on vacation. She makes her mama very proud!

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