Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday

Hunting Days

my chunky days

Only in Texas.  Well maybe not only but definitely one of the things Texas is known for.  Today is opening weekend of Dove Season.  Deer season begins November 3, and then the real manly weekends begin.  So I am told.  John has taken both of the kids hunting and being a city girl, it was something I did not grow up with but am grateful that my children get to head out to the country if not to hunt but to have some fun.  Open fires, lessons on shooting, cook outs, and bathing in well water.  Ok the last part is my least favorite.  The water smells like rotten eggs!  I try not to get too dirty and rather hose off outside than jump in that shower.  It's my Achilles heal.

 John took Emilio to South Dakota for pheasant hunting and this picture was taken at 4:30 am.  They flew a Cherokee 6 with two other planes all the way up for a long weekend of hunting.  Talk about a long plane ride.
 Shelby would not touch the dove but was ready to pose with the labs. I love her camo t shirt!  She was so adorable. 
She is so much like her daddy.  I love to see them together and how well they know each other.  She truly is a well rounded Texas girl!

Happy Hunting everyone!

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