Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cha cha cha cha Changes

Lately, I have been taking inventory of my life and what I have brought to the table.  And more than anything have asked myself what I would like to change going into the second half of my life.  One thing is certain, I need to stop using so many hyperbole's.

Seriously, I was raised to never speak of religion, politics or sex among friends.  But today's social outlets do nothing but speak of these three subjects.  Nothing seems to be off limits.  I have my firm beliefs and one of them is that I am not going to make anyone feel uncomfortable by imposing my views on them or even worse, making them feel their views and beliefs aren't important.  I hate confrontation and I value everyone's opinion, that is what makes this country amazing.  That an the diversity.  Love the diversity!

Lately the whole chick fila media and appreciation day seems ridicules especially when so many thing are wrong with this country.  That being said, I did not and do not patronize Chick Fila, but that's because it's not healthy food. Not because the owners have moral conviction on certain things.   Everyone has a choice.  I think everyone should be able to voice their opinion and not be chastised for it. 

 I would love to see everyone have civil rights in this country.

I do not wish to judge or be judged.  I may not agree with a lot of what is going on out there but at the same time I stand up for what I do believe in with charity work, donations and petitions. This is one thing I do like about myself...I'm a doer.  

Going back to the original topic..........

I would love to change my priority to the people in my life.  There are some amazing people who have helped me through this journey and have showed me patience, kindness, forgiveness, love and most of all understanding.  Even when I didn't understand myself, they were there.  With time I have let these kindred spirits fall to the way side and over the years, it has weighed on my mind and heart.

Despite the distance and differences, I want to be there as a friend.  Just like they were for me.  

Melinda (California) amazing, smart, beautiful inside and out!
Helen (Sugarland) king, intelligent, fun, and great listener.
Carmen (Philadelphia) my sister from another mother, we are so alike and different at the same time, it's crazy!!
Paula (Houston) witty, funny, inspirational, and above all the soul of an angel.

Paige (Spring) my newest addition.  Speaks directly to my heart with the best advise.
Sandi (childhood friend) I know that we will forever be linked, you will be there by my bed when it's my time, you are the sister I never had, and the person I aspire to be like. If i could marry you I would (it would be platonic by the way!!)
Martha (Richmond) you were my pillar and strength when I need you the most and I would not be were I am today if it wasn't for you making me feel like I was worth something.  You showed me that I was a good person when I thought very little of myself.  I thank God for you everyday.

John's 40th.  You will never see me dressed like this again!!!

I will work on this and hope that they too will feel the same way. If not, I know in my heart I was very blessed to have had them in my life when I needed them the most.

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