Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Paid Gig

The Birthday Couple

For many years now I have volunteered for various organizations and have had to throw tea parties, events, gatherings, etc.  And at every single one of them I have had someone come up to me and tell me that I need to do this professionally.  One of my neighbors offered me the opportunity to help throw her husband his 50th birthday celebration.   And I jumped at it!!  I was so worried that I would disappoint or not be good enough.  However, I think it went well.   Here are some pictures from the event

The theme she decided on was a circus theme.  This came about when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he sarcastically stated clowns and balloons.  Little did he realize he just opened a whole can of confetti with that one! 

One of the fun things for the birthday boy was a cigar girl who walked around with cigars, mints, matches, puncher and cutter for the guest.  She was a big hit with the guys.

 I also created a "Clown Lounge" under a 20 x 20 tent and filled it with outdoor patio furniture to create an outdoor lounge area for the guest.  The tent is behind the guest above.
 The cake was from Lollydoozers and she can be found on Facebook.  Her cakes are amazing!  And very tasty.  I was lucky enough to have some for breakfast the next day.  (Did I mention I am back to dieting ! I gained 2 lbs after all the festivites)

 We also created a Fun Box so that upon the guest arrival we handed them a champagne cocktail and a pick from the fun box so they would add to the ambiance of the affair.  Girls loved the tiara's.

  The guys favored the red sponge noses. We also had a magician walking around doing tricks for the guest and a balloon artist until the real entertainment arrived.

Ladies and Gentlemen the not so famous......Braggert's Brothers!!  Their entertainment was not for the faint of heart.  Nails in noses, juggling of axes, walking on glass...  the 9 year old men in the audience loved it, the women.....were mesmerized as one would be when watching a train wreck. You just couldn't look away.
I also hired A Cherished Moment (also on Facebook) to do balloon topiary's with fiber optic lighting and it turned out great!  You can see some of the topiary's in the background of the pictures.

 I used  Everywhim Catering  (http://www.everywhimcatering.com) to cater the food and it was so delicious!  He has done numerous events for me in the past and has not let me down once.  

The photographer I hired does wonderful photobooths but on this occasion he simply took pictures of the event.  http://www.natemessarra.com
I highly recommend this guy for your pictures, honest, hard working and talented!!

All in all, I feel it was a huge success and that Sharen and Dave both enjoyed it.  It was fun seeing this come together for them. 

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