Monday, June 25, 2012

Father of A Lifetime

John is my better half.  Plain and simple.  He says that he married up and that always makes me smile. Because the truth of the matter is that John makes me want to work at being a better person.  Better daughter, mother, and wife.  He is truly the most humble, intelligent, selfless person I have met.  He has been a true father to our kids and as time goes by now a huge support system for his dad who has Parkinson's.  He has been cub master, do-dad (girl scout dad), chaperone for school trips, dances with his daughter, and so many other things that are too numerous to mention. I'm so proud of the father he is and more than anything for the role model the kids have.  Emilio and Shelby love him to pieces and have such a high regard for his "words of wisdom".  It's so beautiful to see a hands on dad.  (I won't go into it, but I grew up without a father, and never saw first hand the love of a dad.)

1995 John looked like he gave birth, he was exhausted!
Now the next chapter has begun and we are doing all sorts of fun things together.  Motorcycle rides, our yearly trip to Key West, New Orleans, and dinner dates.  In fact just last night we went with good friends of ours to see Van Halen.  We rented a limo, had a fabulous dinner, and made the concert in plenty of time to see Kool and The Gang open up for them.  It was a fun night because I wasn't dressed like a mommy and felt pretty for the night. (aka my hair was not in a pony tail!)

I'm feeling very blessed to have such a great man in my life and look forward to seeing the amazing people the kids will become because of his role in their life.

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