Thursday, June 7, 2012

Annual Crawfish boil

Every year (okay we did take a break when we moved ) we host our annual crawfish boil.  We treat our friends to shrimp, crawfish, beer, gumbo and entertainment.  When the kids were little Emilio would perform celtic irish music at the party.
Our kids had a great time helping throw this huge party.  We would have about 50 to 75 people attend and enjoyed seeing all our friends together. 

 Pictures from last year's crawfish boil.  I made the mistake of telling everyone to bring dessert and we had so many desserts left that I made sure I didn't do that this year!

This year's crawfish boil consisted of more neighbors who have become wonderful friends the past 4 years.  We also had a few old neighbor join us and it was a treat to see them again.  It's amazing to look around and see people from so many stages in your life.  From Middle school days to present.  I loved it!

Amy on the left helped with all the chairs and tables she let me borrow and was nice enough to haul out to me!!
Darlene on the right is an amazing person and oh so nice!!!

After 8 pm only neighbors remained, That's Dr. Kupper and John in deep conversation

New friends from Dallas and my high school years at the same table

my favorite pink hair daughter

We pressured my son to play for us once the crowd died down

Some of my favorite Bunco ladies!
We had a great time but so glad it is over.  With travel between Boston, Dallas, Boston and then the crawfish boil I was exhausted.  I sometimes think I am Wonderwoman (could be my golden lasso i carry around) but these past two months brought me back to earth.

My next posting will be about a party I was hired to do for my friend's husband who turned 50!  That was the weekend immediately following the crawfish boil!!!!
Waiting for the pictures to come in from the photographer.

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