Tuesday, May 15, 2012

As time races on.....

Shelby gets a Race Car
What the Hell Were the Parents Thinking

Our wonderful daughter who is almost finished with her first year at a new school will be home soon. We are so proud of her accomplishments and sticking it out the entire year away from home. So many challenges to overcome and yet she saw it through.

We wanted to get her a car this year because of all the commuting she does from the suburbs to downtown plus other community service projects she is involved with.  Mind you we wanted her to buy her first car (just like her brother did) but with the little savings she has and all the extra curricular activities (Girl Scouts, NCL, Drama, etc.) she just doesn't have the time. AND WE DO NOT PAY FOR GRADES.  In the end, this car fell into our laps and it had Shelby written all over it.  

Still in Shock!

First things first, Top down!

Dad is the first passenger

My lovely daughter's first words were "I don't deserve this!" So Shelby!!  She is her harshest critic.  We are often asked how did we raise such terrific kids and I always thought that God blessed us with kids who where logical in thought and smart with their emotions.  But I also know that we were constant with out devotion, support, and forgiveness with them.  At times not so easy and tough on the marriage. But the results have been amazing.  John and I are so proud of both the kids.

I am waiting for more pictures from Shelby's camera to post about commencement weekend in Boston.  That post will be a hard one to get through without tears of joy and fond memories.

Oh by the way, Shelby named her car bluebonnet.  And she drives the speed limit so you can just imagine the traffic that sometimes is caused by following the law.  I kindly ask that you just pass her by and wave with all fingers!

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