Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All that jazz

It has been a busy two months for our household.  We had a fabulous visit to Boston for our son's senior recital at Berklee.  He did an amazing job with his music.  A snipet of his recital .
After our return from Boston which had beautiful weather and the public gardens where in full bloom.

We returned to Houston and then prepared for our next "relaxing" weekend in New Orleans. Our friends, the Martins flew us in their Bonanza to Jazz Fest. Very crowded but had a great time.  We saw Cee-Lo and heard a lot other music through the crowds.  Tom Petty was playing that afternoon but it was so crowded that all you could see was a wall of people.  I don't think we will be doing the fest next year.  

However, the food in New Orleans was amazing and my trophy for eating my share of oysters and Crawfish Monica was three pounds added to my frame.  (Which I since lost! Whew!)  Worth every bite. Did lots of walking and sleeping in late, so in my book it was a relaxing weekend.
street band, that was awesome!

Cee Lo at the Heritage Stage

on Bourbon Street

We are half way through with the month of May and have only two more trips planned.  Looking forward to June, and our annual pilgrimage via Harley to Austin's Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally. ;)

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