Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping Cart Hell

Sunday was moving day for my mom.  She has been at the same "Mature Living" apartments for the past 5 years, living within her apartment because the area was getting a little rough.  When she told me about the assaults going on in her complex, I thought this is ridiculous!  Why put yourself in harm's way.  So we moved her this Sunday into her new digs.  Which leads me to the shopping cart.

My mom had boxes to move from her second floor apartment down to the moving truck.  (and in "Mexican talk" that is basically a pick up truck with a couple of hired hands to do the moving.)  But before the movers arrived, she had some holiday decorations she wanted me to take to our airplane hanger for storage.  Sure mom no problem.  Mom: Load the shopping cart to make it easier.  Me: What?! (embarrassed just like the time she took me to get my first bra and announced to the store, the entire store, that my boobies finally came in) It didn't help that I was 12.  I rather have made 5 trips down to my car than to take the cart to the elevator and down to my car.  I then realized what I secretly new all along......I'm a snob.  And will not make it as a bag lady.  Now, I have to scratch that off my list of potential careers for myself when I become senile, old, and decrepit.  To be honest, it wasn't high on my list.

Well, my mom won out and I did take that Walmart cart down fully loaded with holiday items to my car.  I felt I should have been wearing a hood or at least newspapers wrapped for warmth.  But alas the Houston weather would not cooperate with my role playing,  it was a beautiful 79 degrees that day.  and with the winds, the newspapers would not have lasted long.    As you can see I really over thought the whole taking the shopping cart down.  I guess it could have been worse since my mom cannot walk, much do to her health she could have had one of these in her apartment.......

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