Monday, April 23, 2012

A man goes into the world

My son was born July in 1990.  This was after 3 years of fertility specialist and laparoscopy procedure in order to conceive.  Not many people know how much I wanted this little man. And how being a young mom, I made mistakes here and there raising him.  Finding out that parenting required more than just love, it required consistency, discipline and forgiveness. John came into our lives when he was 4 and 1/2 right before the start of Kindergarten.  He did a fine job raising a boy.  We did it all, baseball, flag football, soccer, cub scouts and boy scouts.  And what he loved the lessons.  Now 21 years later we find ourselves waving goodbye to our son.  He graduates school in May with a bachelor of Arts in Music Performance.  This past weekend as part of his graduation requirement he performed his Senior Recital at Berklee.  I expected to find a young man, still needing his parents, fumbling around and needing help from mom.  But instead I see a man on his own two feet, getting ready to live alone, budgeting his money, and looking forward to dinners paid by mom and dad.  The days of snuggling in my bed on rainy days watching scary movies are over.  I look forward to days of visiting him at his apartment, watching movies at his place and meeting his new neighbors.  My little man is now a grown man and probably has been for some time, I just now realized it.  
Boston 4/20/12 

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