Thursday, March 15, 2012

Update on the new me

1 month after procedure
I first starting posting about starting out the new year with thinking about what I would like as opposed to what I thought I needed to do or be for my family.  The first thing on my list (a list by the way that changes on a daily basis) was to change my body image.  I always dreamed of a flat belly.  Do you know that they have surgery for that!  I know it's like crazy to think that someone can "sculpt" your body to what you always wanted.  Not just boobs but like almost everything.  So I went and set up a consultation on a Thursday and by the following Friday I was in the hospital getting trimmed. (oh, by the way I had nothing done above my belly button.')

I have to say that people's reaction,  regarding my new figure has been, zero!  Which tells me two things: 1) I hid my shape rather well in my clothing or 2) I wasn't as big as I thought and no one has noticed a significant change.  Either way, I feel good that no one has been "Like OMG you look totally different...yatta, yatta, yatta," Because that would mean I was hideous before.

Here is a picture of me prior to surgery. 
Now the true work begins of keeping the weight down and my motivation high.  I love being able to fit into my clothing, it's like having a closet full of new clothes.  Everything fits better without a belly!

I also notice how body image makes a huge difference when I speak to people.  I just feel more confident and self assured then before.  It could be that I'm finally growing up. I mean I am reaching that proverbial hill.  I doubt I will make 90 years old so, i may have already scaled the damn thing and didn't even notice.

This has probably been a boring blog for most and probably a blog more for me than anyone else.  I want to remember how I feel right after my weight loss and tummy tuck.  It's a great feeling actually looking forward to bathing suit season!

If you're respectful by habit,  constantly honoring the worthy,  four things increase:
long life, beauty, happiness, strength.” ~Buddha