Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I love being busy!

I had a really good friend who once said to pray for purpose and direction.  You have no idea how many times I think of these wise words.  I think everyone needs purpose and direction or you start feeling a sense of loss.  Like something is missing.  I mean do you really want trash days to be the only reason you get out of bed on Mondays and Thursday?  And even then you might resort to every other week of taking the trash out, when that excitement wears off.  My mind is wandering off topic.  Back to purpose and direction.  I have been open to new things and keeping busy by de-cluttering here and there as well as spring cleaning.  I'm currently in the middle of making a t shirt quilt for my son and making a "candy bar" for my dear friends wedding.  I've never done either of these things on the scale that I'm currently working on.  I have so many things started right now but I also do not feel overwhelmed but at peace knowing I have something to do.  And something to do means having something to talk about to John when he gets home.  The days of conversation about the kids has run it's course. We I need to find interesting things about me to talk to John when he gets home.  I like being interesting and not a typical housewife who can't hold a conversation.  So I think I need to step up my game and try something like Skeet shooting or bull riding.  Sewing classes sound so practical compared to bull riding.  This being said when I tried riding my bike on Cypresswood trails and busted my ass, I no longer found it "interesting" and to this day I will not ride back there.  I will stay on the roads, where the only danger comes from others on the road and not the road. So, who knows where this free time will take me, oh wait, I don't have free time anymore because of two weddings, 1 birthday party, the quilt, and keeping up with house stuff.  Life is good..........

So long kiddo!


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