Thursday, March 22, 2012

Growing up in Texas

I grew up in Chicago.  Where we didn't have rodeo's, hunting or Texas History for that matter. It really bothered me that we were being taught Texas history.  Like it was soooo much better than any other state in America.  I learned after having  two kids educated in Texas the importance of Texas History.  I love history so the more I learned about this great state of ours the more I truly understood why our school system pride themselves in teaching it.  I have been to Washington on the Brazos 3 times with both kids. Plus the Bob Bullock State of Texas Museum on a family weekend trip, so as you may guess Texas has grown in me.  I've never referred to being a Texan even though I was born in San Antonio, but left as a baby to Chicago for the next 13 years.  If you do the math, I have now lived in Texas for a lot longer than 13 years. So do I now say I'm a Texan, when asked?!? I do own 2 pairs of cowboy boots!


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