Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Break (Really??!?!)

Shelby is coming home tonight for her Winter break from her boarding school.  I can't believe how fast the school year is going for me. Ask her and I am sure she will give you a totally different account of how "fast" school is going.  I can't believe she is 16 years old and one of the best kids I know. Still talks to us about the important stuff and is so accustomed to include us in her life that she doesn't hesitate to tell us her aches and pains of High School life.  I am very lucky that I married a man who saw the foresight to want a stay at home wife to raise the kids.  I was in everything imaginable, scouts, PTO, gala committee's, room mom, you name it.  The kids saw more of me at their school then at home.  I sure do miss those days. My schedule coordinated with the schools calendar, snow cone Friday (volunteer to serve), Tuesday morning PTO meeting (made sure I was there), school assembly or play, (got that covered too!).  

February is a more difficult month for me this year, because every year since the kids could remember, we made valentines to give out to their friends.  February was filled with children activities. Cupcakes and special treats for close friends, when they got to middle school.  Now, Valentines will only be for one evening with my lovely husband but not a classroom party or special lunch at the school.  Instead of school parties i need to think like a grown up....romantic stuff.  Exactly where do I find something like that? What do guys find romantic??

My priorities need to change to think of me and John more on these special days and indeed make them special.  But sometimes its just so darn hard to change the stripes on a zebra! Maybe I'm more of a koala then a zebra?  Happy Valentines, friends!!!

Some shots of school activities throughout the years........

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