Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's New Pussycat?

Valentines' Day came and went and I really wanted to do something special for my husband.  But in all honesty, I went to lay down for a 30 minutes cat nap and woke to his phone call telling me he was on his way home. OOPS!  Luckily I had already had set the table and made a  flower arrangement.  So I just needed to make the seafood dinner and try to look nice when he came home. Well, the looking nice part never happen because of my nap.  But true to John's colors he didn't even blink at my slipper wearing, t shirt and sweat pant wearing body.  He honed in on the things I did do for him, like the dinner, wine, and having a cocktail ready for him in true Dick Van Dyke style. We rarely eat in the dining room and it was so nice to share a meal and conversation in a room without a TV.  It made me realize we need to do that more often then not.  

 It was nice breaking out the good glassware for once. John has been restricted from using them since he has a tendency to break them after a few glasses of wine.  He's just accident prone.

The one thing I realized is that I have nothing to talk about when John comes home from work.  Aside from the kids (which we try not to speak of on date nights) what can I add to our conversation.  Unless some repair man came over or I heard something through the grapevine of our subdivision their is not much to talk about.  So, What' New Pussycat?  NOT A DAMN THING.  So in the interest of being interesting, I opted to spend a few nights in Dallas, meeting some new moms from Shelby's school and trying new restaurants around town.  I am really enjoying being on  my own these few days and dining on my own for the very first time without feeling like everyone is staring at me.  However, I do need to find something I like to do and soon!

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