Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

I really want to hear from my friends of what you do for your husband, boyfriend or both for that matter on Valentine's Day.  I was really good about celebrating this whimsical holiday for kids but I am completely oblivious of how to make it fun and memorable for my husband.  (okay, people, lets keep our minds out of the gutter on this one!)  Aside from making a beautiful meal for two, I want to keep the fun in our marriage.  Perhaps riddles throughout the house to find his favorite Chocolate covered strawberries. Or puzzle pieces that form a love letter, that would make things interesting.  Unfortunately, my ideas are things woman would prefer where as men are simple creatures and just may want a good meal, nice wine and ??? You get the picture. 

I get exhausted just thinking of what I can do to make this Valentine's Day special for him (our first one not having the kids at home.) 

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