Monday, February 6, 2012

My soon to be college graduate!

For those who cringe when the conversation turns to people's children and are just darn tired of hearing about others wonderful amazing highly intelligent kids who do no wrong.........this blog isn't for you.  Oh, My kids do wrong,  but from what I can tell they mostly handle the oops on their own or call us for advise.  We walk that fine line of meddling and ignoring their struggles, at age 16 and 21 their are times they just need to "Suck It Up" (our family Mantra) and make the best of it.  John my lovely husband and incredible father feels at a certain age we should stop being so hands on.  Part of me agrees and the other part of me sees this little man who calls his mom a few times a week and has such a tender heart that I cannot bear to see him struggle.  Here is the teeter totter of parenting: I have seen kids raised with no struggles, responsibilities or work ethic.  Their character; moral, ethical or otherwise doesn't develop.  Most things are expected to be handed to them and they have no clue why they must work for things. This is not the kind of mom I want to be nor the man I wish to give the world.

Emilio will be graduating in May, since December we have been preparing him to find a full time job, his own health insurance, and a cheap realistic apartment for him to live in. The bank of Mom and Dad is closing as of May.  What a great graduation present right?  My heart hurts just thinking about it.  But I also have to think what  a great opportunity this kid has, top education given to him, leaving college with no student loans and his health.  

Do all senior college parents go through this?  I would love to hear from you on this new phase for our son and ourselves as well.

Mom's pride and joy!

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