Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Around isn't what it used to be..

I remember back in Jr. high when you heard a girl got a around it was never a good thing.  Now I have no idea what they consider it.  But going back to "getting around", after being home bound since Saturday my lovely yet sometimes annoying husband (needle right now is pointing more towards loving) took me out to dinner.  I was jonesing for ribeye steak.  I think my body is craving protein.

We ended up going to Goodson's Cafe in Tomball and had a wonderful meal and best of all, I left the house!  I felt like sticking my head out and wagging my tail, however after the surgery I'm lucky if I can sit my a** down in the car.  Better not push my luck. 

So back to getting around......I never wanted to be known as the girl that got around but now a days, it has a whole different meaning.   At least to me.

Of course the speed that I now get around is leaning towards grandma with a hip replacement.  O'well at least I'm going places!